The A.S.A.'s
Early American Matters Caucus

We’re updating this list to include the almost 400 of us in this Caucus! If your listing, here, needs a tweak, please send me an e-mail at Thanks, as ever – D.M.



Brock Adams
PhD student in Humanities/American Studies, Florida State University

Gretchen Adams
History, Texas Tech University

Sean Adams
History, University of Florida

Rosa Alvarez
Counseling and Educational Planning, Seminole Community College

Eric Gary Anderson
English, George Mason University,  and Immediate Past President,  Southern American Studies Association

Christopher Apap
Independent Scholar, Detroit, Michigan

Jason Arenstein
Graduate student in English, Indiana University

Santa Arias
Spanish and Portuguese, University of Kansas, and co-chair of the Society of Early Ameircanists' Third Summit of Ibero-Anglo Early Americanists St. Augustine, 2010)

Tomeiko R. Ashford-Carter
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Jacqueline Bacon
San Diego , California

Brigitte Bailey
English and American Studies, University of New Hampshire

Dorothy Z. Baker
English and American Studies, University of Houston

Jennifer Jordan Baker
English, New York University 

Mary McAleer Balkun
English, Seton Hall University, and editor, the Society of Early Americanists' SEA Newsletter

Eve Tavor Bannet
English and Women’s Studies, University of Oklahoma

Philip Barnard
English, University of Kansas

Georgia B. Barnhill
Andrew W. Mellon Curator of Graphic Arts, American Antiquarian Society

Elise Bartosik-Vélez
Spanish, Dickinson College

Robert Battistini
English, Florida State University

Ralph Bauer
English, University of Maryland

Ross W. Beales, Jr.
History, College of the Holy Cross

Joshua Bellin
English, La Roche College

Wendy Bellion
Art History, University of Delaware

Marvin Bendele
Graduate Student in American Studies, University of Texas at Austin

Yael Ben-Zvi
Postdoctoral fellow, Ben-Gurion University in Israel

Kevin Joel Berland
English and Comparative Literature, Pennsylvania State University Shenango

Louise Bernikow
Author, independent scholar, women’s e-news historical consultant

John Bickley
Graduate student in English, Florida State University

Alex Black
Graduate Student in English, Cornell University

Sladja Blazan
English and American Studies, New York University

Hester Blum
English, Penn State University, and founder of C19: The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists

William Boelhower
Adams Professor of English and Atlantic Studies, Louisiana State University

Julia Boss
Graduate student in History and Renaissance Studies, Yale University

George W. Boudreau
American Studies and History, Pennsylvania State University ; editor, Early American Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Alex O. Boulton
History, Villa Julie College

Tyler Boulware
History, West Virginia University

Jenny Temechko Braun
Graduate Student in English, University of Virginia

Kathleen Brian
Graduate student, George Washington University; member, A.S.A. Students Committee

Anna Campbell Brickhouse
American Studies and Hemispheric Studies; Director, Distinguished Majors Program, University of Virginia

David A. Brewer
English, The Ohio State University

Wilson Brissett

John Brooke
History, The Ohio State University

Christopher Brooks
Graduate student in History, Kassel , Germany

Joanna Brooks
English and Comparative Literature, San Diego State University

Kristina Bross
English, Purdue University, and Vice President (2011-’013), Society of Early Americanists

Christina Riley Brown
English, University of Mississippi

Martin Brueckner
English, University of Delaware

Violet Harrington Bryan
English, Xavier University

Salita S. Bryant
Expository Writing Program/Creative Writing Program, New York University

J. F. Buckley
English, Ohio State University

Steven Bullock
Historian; Humanities & Arts Department, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Michelle Burnham
English, Santa Clara University

Sandra Burr
English, Northern Michigan University

Edward Cahill
English, Fordham University

Corey Capers
History, Cornell University

Brycchan Carey
English, Kingston University in the U.K.

David J. Carlson
English, California State University , San Bernardino

Corey Capers
History and African-American Studies, University of Illinois, Chicago

Benjamin L. Carp
Lecturer in American History, History and Classics, University of Edinburgh

Vincent Carretta
English, University of Maryland

Lorrayne A. Carroll
English and Women’s Studies, University of Southern Maine

Susan Castillo
Nichol Professor of American Literature, University of Glasgow

Russell Castronovo
Bennett Professor of English and American Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Patrick Cesarini
English, University of South Alabama

Joanne Chaison
Research Librarian, American Antiquarian Society

Joseph Chaves
English, University of Northern Colorado

Katy Chiles 
English, University of Tennessee

Chiara Cillerai
English and Institute for Writing Studies, St. John's University, NY

Michael P. Clark
English and Comparative Literature at University of California at Irvine , where he’s also Vice Provost for Academic Planning

Julie Cohen
Doctoral student, English, University of California , Berkeley

Matt Cohen
English, University of Texas, Austin

Richard Cogley
Religious Studies, Southern Methodist University

Pattie Cowell
English, Colorado State University

Julie Cox
Graduate student in Literature, UC Santa Cruz

Raymond Craig
English, Kent State University

Carrie Cuinn
Graduate student, University of Pennsylvania; member, A.S.A. Students Committee

Elbra David
Graduate student in History, University of California, Irvine

Abigail Davis
Graduate student in English, University of Minnesota

Shannon Lee Dawdy
Historical Anthropology, University of Chicago

Susan DeGaia
Ventura County, California

Elizabeth Maddock Dillon
Co-Director of the Dartmouth Future of American Studies Institute;
English, Northeastern University

Wai Chee Dimock
William Lampson Professor of English and American Studies, Yale University

Steffi Dippold
Graduate Student in English, Stanford University

Michael G. Ditmore
English, Pepperdine University

Elisabeth Dodds
Graduate student in English, University of Edinburgh

Laura Donaldson
English, Cornell University

Kathleen Donegan
English, University of California, Berkeley

Coby Dowdell
English, University of Toronto

Paul Downes
English, University of Toronto

Michael Drexler
English, Bucknell University

Anna Mae Duane
English, University of Connecticut

Leigh Anne Duck
English, University of Mississippi

Matthew E. Duques
Graduate student in English, Vanderbilt Univeristy

Jane Donahue Eberwein
Membership and Finances Officer, Society for the Study of American Women Writers; English, Oakland University

Leslie Eckel
English, Suffolk University

Sari Edelstein
Doctoral Candidate in English, Brandeis University

Trudy Eden
History, University of Northern Iowa

Leigh Edwards
English and American Studies, Florida State University

James Egan
English, Brown University

Gregory Eiselein
English, Kansas State University

Scott Ellis
English, Southern Connecticut State University

Julie Ellison
English Language and Literature, University of Michigan , where she directs “Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life”

Jenifer Elmore
English, Palm Beach Atlantic University 

Paul J. Erickson
Director of Academic Programs, American Antiquarian Society 

Betsy Erkkila
Henry Sanborn Noyes Professor of Literature and American Studies, Northwestern University

Michael Everton
English, Simon Fraser University

Ben Fagan
Graduate Student in English, University of Virginia

Duncan Faherty
English, City University of New York, Queens College and the Graduate Center

Robert Fanuzzi
English, St. Johns University

Molly Farrell
Graduate student in English, Yale University

Astrid M. Fellner
English and American Studies, University of Vienna ; currently Visiting Researcher, English, University of Massachusetts , Amherst

John J. Fenstermaker
English (retired), Florida State University

Jonathan Beecher Field
English, Clemson University

Stephanie Fitzgerald
English, University of Kansas

Fritz Fleischmann
Executive Secretary/Treasurer, Charles Brockden Brown Society; English at Babson College , where he’s also Dean of the Faculty

Caroline Frank
Visiting Instructor, History, Brown University

Richard Frohock
English, Oklahoma State University

John Funchion
English, University of Miami

Edward Gallagher
English, Lehigh University , where he choreographs the Reel American History website

Kristen Gallagher
Program Coordinator, Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center / Materials Research Science and Engineering Center , Columbia University

Emily Garcia
English, Northeastern Illinois University

Jared Gardner
English, Ohio State University, and member of the editorial team, American Periodicals: A Journal of History, Criticism &

Susan Garfinkel
Research specialist, Library of Congress

lbert L. Gigliotti
English, Central Connecticut State University

Mendy Gladden 
Assistant Editor, Office of Publications, Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture

Jeff Glover
English, Loyola University Chicago

Melissa Gniadek
English, Rice University

Oana Godeanu
Visiting Assistant Professor in American Studies, Miami University of Ohio

Jennifer Goloboy 
Independent scholar;  managing editor, H-AmStdy

Sean X. Goudie
English, Pennsylvania State University, where he directs the Center for American Literary Studies

Philip Gould
Former president, Society of Early Americanists; English, Brown University

Edward Gray
History, Florida State University

Joshua R. Greenberg
History, Bridgewater State College

Jennifer Greeson
English, University of Virginia

Edward Griffin
Distinguished Graduate Professor of English, University of Minnesota

Donald Grinde, Jr.
Professor and Chair, American Studies, SUNY Buffalo

Robert A. Gross
James L. and Shirley A. Draper Professor of Early American History, University of Connecticut

Robert L. Gunn
English, The University of Texas at El Paso

Rosemary Fithian Guruswamy
Former president, Society of Early Americanists; English, Radford University

Sandra Gustafson
English, University of Notre Dame; editor, Early American Literature

John Haddad
English and American Studies, Pennsylvania State University Harrisburg

Sally Hadden
History, Western Michigan University

Harold William Halbert
English and Communication, Cabrini College

Alison Tracy Hale 
English, The University of Puget Sound

Thomas Hallock
English, University of South Florida

Sharon M. Harris
English, University of Connecticut, and Director of the Humanities Institute there; former president, Society of Early Americanists

Douglas Harrison
Department of Language and Literature, Florida Gulf Coast University

Jonathan Hart
English and Comparative Literature, University of Alberta; Editor, Canadian Review of Comparative Literature

William B. Hart
History, Middlebury College

Jonathan Hartmann
English, University of New Haven

Doug Harvey
Graduate student in History, University of Kansas

Tamara Harvey
English, George Mason University

Michael D. Hattem
Graduate Student in History, Yale University

Jurretta Jordan Heckscher
Research Specialist, Digital Reference Team, Library of Congress

Sue Hemberger
Washington, D.C.

John B. Hench
Vice President for Collections and Programs, American Antiquarian Society

Desiree Henderson
English, University of Texas at Arlington

Janie Hinds
President (2002-’004), Charles Brockden Brown Society; English, State University of New York, Brockport

Lisa Hogan
Graduate student in English, University of Washington

Andrea Holliger-Soles

Elizabeth Hopwood
Graduate student in English, Salem State College

Michael Householder
English, Southern Methodist University

Joy A. J. Howard
Graduate Student in Early American Literature, Purdue University

Christine Jones Huber
Assistant Curator of Exhibitions, Ackland Art Museum, UNC-Chapel Hill

Natasha Hurley
University of Alberta, Canada

Allison Hutton
Graduate student in Early American literature, Purdue University

Christopher Iannini
English, Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Susan Clair Imbarrato
English, Minnesota State University Moorhead, and past president, Society of Early Americanists

Gregory Jackson 
English, Rutgers University

Toni Wall Jaudon
English, Oberlin College

Jessica Marie Johnson
Graduate student in history, University of Maryland

Joseph M. Johnson
Graduate student in English, Emory University

Linda Johnson 
Graduate student in American Studies, Michigan State University

Bradley Alan Jones
Graduate student in History, Glasgow University

Mark Kamrath
English, University of Central Florida

Joy S. Kasson
American Studies and English, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Wendy Katz
Art and Art History, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Mary Kelley
Former A.S.A. president; a Collegiate Professor of History, American Culture, and Women's Studies, University of Michigan

Laura Kennelly
Berea, Ohio;  originator of the idea for the Society of Early Americanists’ annual Essay Prize

Elizabeth Jane Kent
Faculty of Economics and Commerce, University of Melbourne

Spencer Keralis
PhD Student, Department of English, New York University

Ann Kibbey
English, University of Colorado, Boulder; Founding editor and Editor in Chief, Genders

Thomas S. Kidd
History, Baylor University

Karen Kilcup
President, Society for the Study of American Women Writers; English, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Stephanie Kirk
Romance Languages & Literatures, Washington University

James Kirschke
English, Villanova University

Lauren F. Klein
Graduate student in English, The Graduate Center, CUNY;  IT Fellow, Macaulay Honors College, CUNY

Sabine Klein
Humanities, University of Maine at Farmington

Betsy Klimasmith
English and American Studies, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Denise Kohn
English, Greensboro College

Annette Kolodny 
College of Humanities Professor of American Literature and Culture, University of Arizona

Heather Miyano Kopelson
History, University of Alabama

Albrecht Koschnik
History, Florida State University

Philip J. Kowalski
English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Thomas W. Krise
Dean College of the Pacific, at the University of the Pacific; past president, Society of Early Americanists

Laura Laffrado
English, Western Washington University

Jason LaFountain
Graduate student in History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University

April Langley
English, University of Missouri

Edward J. Larkin
English, University of Delaware

Katherine E. Ledford
Instructor in American Literature, Greater Opportunities for Adult Learning program, Gardner-Webb University

Alex Leitch

Jesse Lemisch
History, Emeritus, at John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Cristine Levenduski
Co-Chair, ’004 Annual Meeting Site Resource Committee; American Studies, Emory University

Aimee Levesque
Graduate Student in English, Buffalo State College

Jan Lewis
History, Rutgers University

William T. Lhamon
English (retitred), Florida State University

Hsiu-ling Lin
Assistant Professor, National Taiwan Normal University

Lisa Logan
English, University of Central Florida

David Loiterstein
Marketing Director, READEX

Christopher Looby
English, UCLA, and Director, Americanist Research Colloquium there; President, C19: The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists

Margaretta Lovell
History of Art at University of California, Berkeley, where she is Director of American Studies

John Wharton Lowe
Robert Penn Warren Distinguished Professor of English, Louisiana State University

Dana Luciano
English and Director, Women’s and Gender Studies, Georgetown University

Christopher Lukasik
English, Purdue University, and liaison between the Society of Early Americanists and C19: The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists

Joyce Green MacDonald
English, University of Kentucky

Denise MacNeil
School of Business, University of Redlands

Deborah Madsen
American Literature and Culture, University of Geneva

Tom Magnuson
Trading Path Association, Hillsborough, N.C.

Matt Mancini
Chair, American Studies, Saint Louis University

Susan Manning
Grierson Professor of English Literature, University of Edinburgh

Charles Martin
English & Philosophy, University of Central Missouri

Mark Alan Mattes
Graduate Student in American Studies, University of Iowa

Cedric May
English, Auburn University

Maura K. McKee
Teaching Fellow, Department of English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Maurie McInnis
Director, American Studies;  Art history, McIntire Department of Art, University of Virginia

Mary Helen McMurran
English, University of Western Ontario

Sarah Hand Meacham
History, University of Virginia, where’s she’s an Assistant Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Joanne Pope Melish
Author of “Where Have All the Earlier American Studies Gone?,” essay in Sept ’002 ASA Newsletter; History at University of Kentucky, where she directs the Program in American Studies

Jonathan Mercantini
History, Canisius College

John Miller
Graduate student in American Studies, College of William and Mary

Jon Miller
English, University of Akron

Nick Miller
Graduate student in English and American Culture Studies, Washington University;  Chair (2011-2012), ASECS’s Graduate Student Caucus

Brett Mizelle
Director, American Studies Program, California State University, Long Beach

Jenny Moffitt
Graduate student in English, Florida State University

Krystyn Moon
History; Director of American Studies, University of Mary Washington

Dennis Moore
English, Florida State University; past president, Society of Early Americanists, and 2011-2013 president, Southern American Studies Association

Jennifer L. Morgan
Departments of Social and Cultural Analysis and History, New York University

E. David Morgen
Associate Director of the Writing Center, Emory University

Elisabeth Muhlenfeld
President, Sweet Briar College

Carla Mulford
Founding member, International American Studies Association, and founding president, Society of Early Americanists; English, PennsylvaniaState University

Anne Myles
English, University of Northern Iowa

John Navin
History, Coastal Carolina University

Dana D. Nelson
Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Professor of English, Vanderbilt University

Andrew Newman
English, Stony Brook  University

Simon P. Newman
Sir Denis Brogan Professor of American Studies, Department of History, University of Glasgow -- and Chair, British Association for American Studies

Lisa West Norwood
English, Drake University

Colleen O’Brien
Language, Literature and Composition, University of South Carolina Upstate

Karen O’Brien
History, Ramapo College

Michelle Orihel
Graduate student, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University

Jeff Osborne
English and Philosophy, Murray State University

Paul Outka
English, University of Kansas

Susan Scott Parrish
English Language and Literature, University of Michigan

Christopher Phillips
English, Lafayette College

Joshua Piker 
History, University of Oklahoma

Ann Plane
History, University of California, Santa Barbara

Carole Policy
English, Palm Beach Community College

Constance J. Post
English, Iowa State University

Matthew Price
Graduate Student in English, Florida State University

Sally M. Promey
Professor of American Studies; Professor of Religion and Visual Culture; Deputy Director, Intstitute of Sacred Music, Yale University

Krystyna Puc'
History & Humanities, North Carolina School of the Arts

Ross Pudaloff
English, Wayne State University

Colin Ramsey
English, Appalachian State University

Birgit Brander Rasmussen
English and American Studies, Yale University

Marcus Rediker
History, University of Pittsburgh

Peter Reed
English, University of Mississippi

Benjamin Reiss
Associate Professor, Department of English, Emory University

Melissa Renn
Graduate student in Art History, Boston University; Department of American Art, Fogg Museum, Harvard University

Jeffrey H. Richards, R.I.P.
English and American Studies, Old Dominion University

Gary A. Richardson
Hunter Professor of English, Mercer University

Daniel K. Richter
Richard S. Dunn Director of the McNeil Center for Early American
Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Ann Rivera
English, State University of New York , Buffalo

Sarah Rivett
English, Princeton University

Joseph Roach
Sterling Professor, English Language and Literature, Yale University;  Principal Investigator, World Performance 
Project;  2008-'009: Fletcher Jones Foundation Distinguished Fellow at the Huntington Library

Rick Rodriguez
Graduate student in English, Loyola University-Chicago

Karen Roggenkamp
English, Texas A&M University, Commerce

Sheila Rohrer
Graduate student in American Studies, Pennsylvania State University-Harrisburg

Martha Elena Rojas
English, University of Rhode Island, where she co-directs the Rumowicz Literature of the Sea Lecture/Seminar Series

Deborah Rosenfelt
Women’s Studies and American Studies, University of Maryland

Marion Rust
English, University of Kentucky

Nancy Ruttenburg
Comparative Literature, New York University

Robert Blair St. George
History, University of Pennsylvania, and director of the Program in Public Culture

John Daniel Saillant
English and History, Western Michigan University

Karen Salt
School of Divinity, History and Philosophy, University of Aberdeen

Shirley Samuels
English, Cornell University

Oliver Scheiding
Chair, American Studies; Department of English and Linguistics, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Germany

Jodi Schorb
English, University of Florida

James J. Schramer
American Literature and Professional Writing, Youngstown State University

Ivy Schweitzer
English and Women’s Studies, Dartmouth College

Stephen Shapiro
English and Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick in the U.K.

Daniel Shea 
Professor of English, Emeritus, Washington University

David S. Shields
McClintock Professor of Southern Letters, English Language and Literature, University of South Carolina; past president, Society of Early Americanists

E. Thomson Shields
English, East Carolina University, where he directs the Roanoke Colonies Research Office

Frank Shuffelton, R.I.P.
English, University of Rochester

Julie Sievers
Director, Center for Teaching Excellence, St. Edwards University

Roland Signett
History, unaffiliated

Cristobal Silva
English, Columbia University; editor, The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation

Bryan Sinche
English, University of Hartford

Matthew Winn Sivils
English, Iowa State University; Gregory L. and Kathleen C. Geoffroy Faculty Fellow and co-editor, Literature in the Early American Republic

Danielle Skeehan
English, University of Rochester

Danielle Skeehan
Graduate student in English, Northeastern University

Sheila Skemp
History and Women’s Studies, University of Mississippi

Sandra Slater
History and Women's and Gender Studies, College of Charleston

Eric Slauter
English, University of Chicago

Caroline F. Sloat
Director of Scholarly Programs, American Antiquarian Society

Barbara Clark Smith
Smithsonian Institution

Reiner Smolinski
English, Georgia State University

Terri L. Snyder
American Studies, California State University, Fullerton

MaryAnn Snyder-Körber
Abteilung Literatur, John F. Kennedy-Institut für Nordamerikastudien, Freie Universität Berlin

James O’Neil Spady
American History, Soka University of America

Cheryl Spinner
Graduate student, Georgetown University

Derrick Spradlin
English, Freed-Hardeman University

Rebekah Ann Starnes
Graduate Student in English, The Ohio State University

Jordan Alexander Stein
English, University of Colorado at Boulder

Julia Stern
English and American Studies at Northwestern University, where she is Charles Deering McCormick Professor of Teaching Excellence

Laura Stevens
English, University of Tulsa, and editor, Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature;  Executive Coordinator (2011-’013), Society of Early Americanists

James D. Stevenson
Publisher in American history, Fairfield and Vacaville, California

Sarah Stierch
Undergraduate, American Studies, Indiana University at Indianapolis

Zabelle Stodola
Former president, Society of Early Americanists; English,
University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Karen Stolley
Spanish and Portuguese, Emory University

Nancy Struna
American Studies, University of Maryland

Brian Sweeney

Timothy Sweet
English, West Virginia University

Elisa Tamarkin
English, University of California, Berkeley

Michele Lise Tarter
English, The College of New Jersey

Jennifer Taylor
Graduate student in English, Tulane University

Leonard Tennenhouse
English, Duke University

Colleen Terrell 
School of Literature, Communication, and Culture, Georgia Institute of Technology

Fredrika J. Teute
Editor of Publications, Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture

Todd Thompson
English, Yeshiva University

Jennifer Thorn
English,. St. Anselm College

Kacy Tillman
English, University of Tampa

Steve Tobias 
University of Washington

Kyla Tompkins
English, and Gender and Women’s Studies, Pomona College

Teresa Toulouse
English, University of Colorado, Boulder

Bryce Traister
English, University of Western Ontario

Annette Trefzer
English, University of Mississippi

Joanne van der Woude
English, Harvard University

Lindsay Van Tine
Graduate student, English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University

Wil Verhoeven
Professor of American Culture and Cultural Theory, and Chair, American Studies Department, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Charlie Samuya Veric
Graduate student in American Studies, Yale University

Leonard von Morze
English, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Daniel Walden
English, Baylor University

David Waldstreicher
History, Temple University

Helena M. Wall
Warren Finney Day Professor of History, Pomona College, and Director of the Hart Institute for American History

David Shane Wallace
Graduate student in English, Louisiana State University, and editorial assistant, Atlantic Studies

Erica Ward
Graduate student in History, University of California Santa Barbara; member, A.S.A. Students Committee

Michael Warner
Seymour H. Knox Professor of English, Professor of American Studies, Yale University

William Beatty Warner
English, University of California, Santa Barbara

Bryan Waterman
English, New York University

Karen Woods Weierman
English, Worcester State College

Ed White
English, University of Florida

Sophie White
Department of American Studies, University of Notre Dame

Caroline Wigginton
Graduate student and Assistant Instructor in English, University of Texas at Austin; Chair of ASECS's Graduate Student Caucus, 2008-'009

Daniel E. Williams
English, Texas Christian University (and founding president of the Society for Eighteenth-Century American Studies, which has merged into the Society of Early Americanists)

Diana Williams
History, University of Southern California

Kelly Wisecup
English, University of North Texas

Gretchen Woertendyke
English, University of South Carolina

Walter W. Woodward
State Historian; History, University of Connecticut

Karin Wulf
History, American University , and Book Review Editor, William and Mary Quarterly

Hilary E. Wyss
English, Auburn University, and President (2011-’013), Society of Early Americanists

Fay Yarbrough
History, University of Kentucky

Rafia Zafar
Co-chair, 2004 American Studies Association annual convention; Professor of English, American Culture, and African and Afro-American Studies, Washington University in St. Louis

Clay Zuba

Michael Zuckerman
History, University of Pennsylvania

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