Colloquy with Joanna Brooks on American Lazarus


Joanna Brooks, University of Texas at Austin
Kristina Bross, Purdue University
Vincent Carretta, University of Maryland
Anthea Butler, University of Rochester
Dennis Moore, Florida State University, Chair
Edward D. White, University of Florida
Hilary Wyss, Auburn University

Rather than presenting papers, each participant in this interdisciplinary panel -- including Professor Joanna Brooks of the University of Texas at Austin, author of American Lazarus: Religion and the Rise of African American and Native American Literatures, recipient of the Modern Language Association’s 2003 William Sanders Scarborough Prize “for an outstanding scholarly study of black American literature or culture” -- will make a four- or five-minute statement that lays out a specific issue or question related to the book.  That round of brief opening statements frees up time for a lively, substantive discussion that engages members of the audience as well as panelists.